Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goodbye, lullaby

Goodbye baby,
gone to grace
out of my body.
Save a place
beside you
till i come.
Though i be waiting
long and long
till i come home, dear,
i will come.

Whatever years
are set to pass
may you and i
grow in grace,
grow in love
for Him we love.
You were a gift,
a pearl, a rose.
I do not own
nor would i wish, dear,
to steal your love.

Your body,
your small heart,
were never mine.
But i am yours:
i was your mother,
for a time.
Little rosebud,
you were housed, dear,
in my skin:

I was your bread,
i was your wine.
You breathed my breath.
Your life in mine
was a rich gift.
And at the end
my blood washed your flesh.

i own no part in
your small heart.
i carried you
for a few days--
carry you still, but
it is not your face
i shall best love
when I come home.
But i shall love you, dear,
when i do come.

Little gift, little pearl
you were not mine.
But i was, dear,
your mother,
for a time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012