Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Acrostic Poem

Like abstract poetry, I think this is more useful as an exercise (although some of the acrostic Psalms are really Good Poetry). Set yourself a limit -- a word which determines the first letter (or the middle, or last, or some combination) of each line. It may have something to do with the content of the poem, or not as you please. Then see what you can come up with. Rhyme or not as you please. I had fun with this exercise. A few silly examples:

Let me hesitate, only
a moment -- draw in my breath
to fortify myself -- then I
endeavor ... endeavor ... A moment --
Reluctant, weak, I watch
Now flicker into Now again,
Each new Now weaker, its
violet wings crumpling.
Embarrassed, time slips past in days and hours,
Runs fluidlike from Later into Never. 

Grace comes sometimes surprising --
ripping the zigzag seems I laid with such
arachnid dexterity. Even -- often -- with
violence -- If
I could only follow that straight-stitched line
to faith. Only love
you, spider God, imperial spinner.

Don't be afraid. I only ever wanted to
embrace you, as
a good friend might.
Thin arms wrapped around your shoulder bones, warm, shaking with your


  1. Head in a vise.
    Drip. Drip. Drip.
    Or fever.
    Labored breathing.
    Dark, quiet a refuge.