Friday, June 15, 2012

Shall i compare thee? (Ballade)

Elaine, as lovely as a day in summer:
There is such truth in tired similes!
Elaine, walking, might leave a rainbow shimmer
Like a slug's melting path. Her knees
Are lovely as the wind through leafy trees:
She moves like breezes, and every little print
Heartprints, and gently bruises -- crushes -- pleases --
Such warmth will melt the coldest heart's defense!

Such warm and sleepy promises that shimmer
In the soft shadows of her blithe blue eyes --
So wide, so free the smiles that dart and skim her
Face like larks -- black shapes on blue, seized
With the joy of soaring, and the bold joy of being.
So does Elaine's self capture every sense
And hold it cupped and frantic, mothlike, beating
In adoration, despite all cold defense!

Nor does an icy perfectness encumber
Her summer loveliness: Elaine is free
And sweet as any bird. Her beauty glimmers
Dappled and freckled, like the sun through leaves
And shifts, and changes. As beautiful as bees
Dancing their honeypromises. Immense
And gentle, and intractable as heat:
Her loveliness has melted my defense!

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