Sunday, October 14, 2012

blues II

So to get you started, here are some blues poems that more or less follow traditional blues music structure (sort of a call-and-response rhythm ... Read 'em out loud; imagine a rhythm guitar and harmonica playing behind you).

"Po' Boy Blues" - Langston Hughes
"Madam and her Madam" - Langston Hughes
"Hard-time Blues" - William Waring Cuney

And then there are the poems that are blues all the way through but sound a little different:

"Walking, Blues" - Jane Mead
"Immigrant Blues" - Li Young-Lee
"Inside the Blues Whale" - Afaa Michael Weaver
"The Blues Don't Change" - Al Young
"Eternity Blues" - Hayden Carruth

"Sugar" and "Blue" are both blues poems by ME you can find here - look under the label "blues."

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