Friday, September 27, 2013

Bouts-Rhymes, also administrative stuffs

Hello, my faithful two readers. Thank you for all the cheerleading! I love you both monstrously.

I am about to start dumping "poems" (if i can call them that) from pre-2005 or so. Just so you know i'm not all depressed or anything. Anymore :P

Also may be playing around with re-labelling stuff. For my own delectation. Since i have been spending so much time ignoring the sticky spots on my floor anyway.

OK, glad that's out of the way.

So i haven't forgotten about the Handbook of Poetic Forms. The next one on the list is BOUTS-RHYMES, which is another fun game to play!! This is easier to show than to tell.

BOUTS-RHYMES -- a how-to
(1) Challenger: "hey, have some words i just made up with my brain. Betcha can't write a poem using them as the line ends."
(2) Poet: "EXCEPT I CAN."

(The end)

Ex. g:

Challenger: "rose, chose, spill, glows, fill, mill, doze"
Poet: "Earlier than the sun she rose
          To meet the one her own heart chose --
          That made her lips to spill
          Such silly giggles. Oh, the rosy glows
          Of infant romance -- they could fill
          A room with light. I could write a mil-
          lion lines like this, but it would make me doze."
Challenger: "You totally cheated. Also, your meter changes like 3 times in 7 lines."
Poet: "You suck."

So if you want to challenge me, toss me some words. Any other parameters (it has to be funny! It has to be sad! It has to be in the first person! It has to be a found poem!) are optional. I will write a poem of it.



  1. Faithful reader number one submits: toad, finch, stryder, load, pinch, wider, creek, peek. And, no, you don't have to use them in that order. Can't wait!

  2. I am sitting at the table by the window grading, and the kitty is sitting on the oven mitts on the table bothering me. My words are:

    Kitten (or cat) mitt, tea, grades, late, cold, noon, glass, trees, green, brown.

  3. fuss, us, harm, charm, ahead, dead, meanit, peanut...