Monday, September 23, 2013


some One turned on the faucet
left it running --
water's pouring
from the warblers' throats --
Burbling -- bubbling -- pip! pip! dribbling --
a warm gush gurgling
a liquid spill of notes --

Brrr-eeep! interrupted
a robot tone -- brr--eep!
a cell phone trill --
a giggling bill --

and another bird still
chuckles from the grass
chuckles and giggles
telling jokes to himself
with a hitch! and a buckle
in his voice
as he laughs --

Then another trickle
drips down from the tree top
an inquiry in 
every liquid syllable --
Drip! drip! dribble --

some One turned on the faucet
and didn't turn it off -- 

1 comment:

  1. GAH!!!! I want to sing this to the birds in the field around the house - maybe they will answer? Lovely!