Friday, February 27, 2015

thoughts on psalm 42 (while nursing)


i have sate, till now,
at table
eating heavy loaves of Safe
spread thick with Pleasant--
i confess

i wanted You
for fine liqueur
for pungent cheese--

a little piquant crumb
a golden drop
to sit atop--to slip between
the cracks in my


Now (milkdry) i see
how glib--how slippery--

Now as the deer--grant me
my God, to long--
with starveling eyes
with swollen tongue

To labber at your presence
every sinew tensed to snap
the single precious crumbs
the silver drips--

To thirst till every shriveled cell
cries out to unseen swollen clouds--

To want bonedeep to drink
to drench
to swell--

Ut gaudium meum sit plenum

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